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Monira Khatun
Jun 12, 2022
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The summer launch war in 2020 is coming to an end, and the bulk sms service giants have smashed 4.5 billion in crazy online customer acquisition. 1. For the first time, WeChat has integrated social networking, payment, and transaction logistics on one platform Traditional channel distribution is based on people, whether it is Amway or the traditional home appliance bulk sms service industry. , and the establishment of Internet SASS. Traditional distribution has been established for a long time, which is why many companies are very expensive when they actually sell to first-line consumers. ersupply After years of development in e-commerce, the abundance of products has become unprecedented, and users have experienced difficulties and fears in choosing the same product. The emergence of WeChat ecological consumption is based on the user's social relationship and trust consumption; for ordinary users, Users are accustomed to the life and bulk sms service decision-making of small tribes WeChat has three core tribal products: Moments, Groups, and Official Accounts. As a form of public display, the circle of friends is a display of the dynamics of users' personal social relationships, behind which each user loves, feels, and thinks. Everyone knows about WeChat groups—that is, a group of people with the same will, discussing and connecting with each other in a group. A public bulk sms service account is actually a group—a group of people with the same opinions and aspirations, following one person. In more than 70% of the user's social relationship time, users are accustomed to making their own purchase decisions by recommendation in the circle of friends, community recommendation, and public account recommendation. After understanding the reasons for the rise of the bulk sms service WeChat ecosystem of Renren distribution, let me introduce to you how to start educating self-operated distributors. This is also a problem that must be paid attention to before starting the Renren distribution project. 2. What should education self-operated Renren Distribution do before starting the project? Before starting the self-operated distributor project, I have communicated with the bulk sms service partners of many education companies in the self-operated distributor project. Each company has different problems to consider before setting up the project. And through about a year of practice, I found that it is very important to consider the following three issues before the establishment of the education distributor project.
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Monira Khatun

Monira Khatun

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