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Hasan mahmud
Jun 13, 2022
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Ride a bicycle, and you have a Whatsapp Number List bicycle, then if your friends come to you to go for a ride at this time, you will have a great chance to go for a ride. Triggers are various, such as a notification reminding you to go for Whatsapp Number List a ride, or a riding helmet on the ground, etc. As can be seen from the curve in the figure below, only when the user's motivation and Whatsapp Number List ability to act are high, the trigger can work well. Simply reminding the user to go out for a ride, even if they know how to ride and have a bike (high capacity), makes it hard to Whatsapp Number List induce cycling if it’s raining outside or they have low motivation. image1-opt-preview Figure 1BJ Fogg's Behavior Model Elements where user behavior occurs/changes Merely ensuring that these three points exist simultaneously does not ensure that a sufficiently effective UX flow can be designed to encourage changes/occurrence of user behavior. As shown in the figure Whatsapp Number List above, users can be motivated in a variety of ways, but when one of the elements is boosted by incentives (such as exercising to get a monetary reward), it is often accompanied by damage to other elements. Likewise, users' abilities Whatsapp Number List vary, and some users are more sensitive to certain triggers. In order to design a useful product, we need to understand your target audience in the context of these three elements. The three Whatsapp Number List main points below can help us do this. Motivated points for mapping users Psychologists always take the time to get to know their clients before advising them. Similarly, if we plan to design a program for users to induce/change their behavior, the first thing to do is to understand the users and what can encourage them.
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Hasan mahmud

Hasan mahmud

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